In September 2014, Tim & Vanessa Norman joined with Latimer Minster to start Latimer Minster Ascot, with the aim to become church for those who are not already part of a local church.

The Latimer Minster Story

Started in September 2010, Latimer Minster has grown from a few people in a home to hundreds now gathering in various locations centred on Stampwell Farm, near Beaconsfield. As the church outgrew the barn, a tent became the place of meeting.

In our relationship with Latimer Minster, we share the vision of reaching, raising, releasing and resourcing the rising generations…

Reaching people with the good news of Christ,

Raising mature disciples,

Releasing leaders to serve God where He has called them, and

Resourcing the kingdom of God in the nation.

A Growing Network

Many churches, church leaders & dioceses have been keen to learn from the experience of Latimer Minster. Consultation and advice have helped catalyse the growth of churches in many places. Teams have come in from Latimer Minster to resource churches and Christian organisations. Partnerships have been developed, notably with Lichfield Diocese at Walsall Heathlands Mission. New churches and Christian communities are being developed and are growing, with shared value and in very different contexts (details can be found at