Extraordinary | Acts Series



Exploring the remarkable story of Acts of the Apostles, and God’s invitation to join Him seeing lives transformed and the world becoming a better place.

April 23    Waiting can be hard, but it may lead to something better Acts 1:1-11 Listen

April 30    What do you want God to do for you? Acts 3:1-11

May 07     Can We ask God for Help? Acts 4:23-31

May 14      It’s All Gift, Acts 4:32-37

May 21      Worth Dying For? Acts 7:54-8:3 (All Age Service)

May 28     Change Church Change My Life? Acts 2:42-47 Listen

Jun 04      God’s Spirit Helps Us Live Better, Acts 2 (Pentecost Sunday)

Jun 11       To the ends of the earth, Acts 17:16-31

Jun 18      DADFEST – Celebration of Men & Dads (All Age Service)

Jun 25      Beyond the comfort zone, Acts 10:9-23a

Jul 02       “A Place for Everyone” Tim Norman and the LMA team explore how God sees you as an individual and relates to you as you are.

Jul 09       Resolving Church Conflict, Acts 15:1-11


Jul 16       Garden Party – Contact us for details NB Different Venue